US Temporarily Closed Montana Airspace After Saturday Takedown

The Federal Aviation Administration on Saturday evening temporarily closed airspace over part of Montana and the Defense Department sent a fighter jet to investigate an “anomaly” spotted on radar.

  • North American Aerospace Defense Command said the central Montana airspace was closed after the agency “detected a radar anomaly,” but a search jet didn’t find anything.
  • “Those aircraft did not identify any object to correlate to the radar hits. NORAD will continue to monitor the situation,” the agency said.
  • However the NORAD’s statement conflicted with Montana Rep. Matt Rosedale tweet in which he said an “object” that could “interfere with commercial aircraft” had been spotted.
  • The activity followed a U.S. jet, as part of a NORAD effort, shooting down what has been described as a “small cylindrical object” over Canada airspace.