VA Woman’s Grisly Slaying At D.C. Hotel Captures City’s Struggles With Crime

  • Christy Bautista booked a hotel room in the District of Columbia on Friday with plans to attend a concert. What she didn’t expect was to become the victim of one of the city’s most gruesome crimes so far this year.
  • D.C. Metropolitan Police officers found the 31-year-old woman from Harrisonburg, Virginia, with 30 stab wounds inside her room at the Ivy City Hotel on New York Avenue Northeast. Responding officers arrested bloodied ex-convict George Sydnor Jr. at the scene and confiscated a large kitchen knife that was partially broken.
  • Christy made an impact on everyone’s lives that she encountered. She was a shining light that lifted up everyone’s spirits around her. She encouraged people to do things they were afraid of and cheered them on,” a GoFundMe page set up for Ms. Bautista says. “Her life was ended way too short by a cruel act of violence that she did not deserve.”