Vermont College Confers Honorary Doctorate In ‘Litter-ature’ To Campus Cat

Max, a friendly feline that lives in the neighborhood around Vermont State University’s Castleton campus, can add another title to his resume on top of “good cat” and “soft kitty”: doctor.

The tabby tuxedo cat, who lives with a family on the street that leads to campus, was given the honorary degree of “doctor of litter-ature” ahead of the main, human student body graduation Saturday.

University officials said Max was receiving the degree for his notable friendliness and the rapport he has built up with the entire campus, from students to faculty and staff, over the last four years.

“Max the Cat has been an affectionate member of the Castleton family for years,” the school said in a Facebook post.

Ashley Dow, Dr. Max’s owner told the Associated Press that he just decided one day “that he would go up on campus, and he just started hanging out with the college students, and they love him.”

Dow, who students refer to as “Max’s mom” added that he’s been exploring the campus and socializing with residents for four years.

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