Waitress Fired For Posting Viral Video Of Man Dining With Blow-Up Doll

Life-like child doll (Source: DH GATE ARCHIVE)

This diner was a real doll.

A North Carolina waitress claimed she was fired for posting a now-viral TikTok video of a customer eating dinner in the company of an inflatable sex doll.

“Ok, I’m not supposed to be making TikToks at work, but this calls for it,” server Tara Bjork prefaced the viral video she posted on May 27 from her job at the Restoration Hardware Rooftop Restaurant.

“I work at a nice restaurant in Charlotte, and I need you guys to see what just came in the door,” Bjork continued.

She then flipped the camera to zoom in on a male diner seated across the room with an inflatable female doll propped up on the seat across from him.

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