WaPo Claims ‘Shark Week’ Has Too Many ‘Men Named Mike’ And ‘Lacks Diversity’ – Former Host Mike Rowe Responds

  • “Good Morning. As a white male named Mike who hosted Shark Week more than once, this headline caught my eye in The Washington Post,” Rowe began, explaining that he had come across the article while in New York City to promote another new season of the show that made him a household name: “Dirty Jobs.”
  • The new season, he noted, is set to premiere on Discovery on Sunday at 8 p.m.
  • “I have not yet had my coffee, or time to formulate a cogent response, but in the course of promoting a new season of ‘Dirty Jobs,’ (Sunday at 8pm on Discovery,) I suspect I might be asked to respond specifically to this headline,” Rowe continued, calling on his fans to make suggestions as to how he should respond.
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