WaPo Inadvertently Admits Most ‘Trans’ People Aren’t Really Transgender

A poll found that less than a third of "trans" people have used puberty blockers or undergone medical procedures, yet there is pressure from the political Left to use those procedures extensively on children.

  • Most adults who identify as transgender don’t consistently identify as the opposite sex or present themselves as such, according to a poll from The Washington Post and Kaiser Family Foundation.
  • Only half of transgender adults actually present as the opposite sex all or even most of the time, according to the poll. Fewer than half identify as transgender women or men, as opposed to “nonbinary” or “gender non-conforming.”
  • Fewer than a third of transgender people had ever used puberty blockers or cross-sex hormones, and only one in six had undergone surgical procedures for the purpose of gender transition, according to the poll.
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