Wealthy Liberal Southern Poverty Law Center Dumps 25% Of Its Staff

The Southern Poverty Law Center, an IRS designated charity with almost a billion dollars in “reserves,” laid off a quarter of its staff. In a scathing rebuke from the SPLC Union that represents staff with the charity, the organization was slammed for the decision, which they say will have “a catastrophic impact” on the work done by the SPLC.

While the union lists immigration justice and the “mission to dismantle white supremacy,” the SPLC also has expanded their “hate watch” map to include parents rights groups Christian and religious groups, critics of child sex changes, and others who do not toe the line of progressive ideology. The SPLC’s list includes medical organizations Do No Harm, Genspect, Partners for Ethical Care, and the Society for Evidence-Based Gender Medicine, placing them alongside recognized white supremacy organizations including KKK chapters.

The union worries that with these staff cuts, the efforts of the SPLC to “strengthen intersectional movements and advance human rights through support of educators” will be undermined.

The cuts were announced by the SPLC Union on X, who said that the decision came down from President Margaret Huang. Huang apparently said that “the cuts would allow greater ‘focus’ on racial justice, but failed to explain how eliminating immigrant justice work and anti-racist education work served that goal,” the union said.

Some of those who were let go were union stewards and other officials within that employee rights group. More than 60 people were fired from their positions.

“Functionally eliminating the Learning for Justice department leaves educators, students, and caregivers without resources and support in building curricula and orienting classrooms toward justice work,” they said.

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