‘Wear A Mask … Likely Forever’: UCSF Chair Of Medicine Fears Large Gatherings

  • “My main fear is Long Covid, which I peg at ~5% probability per Covid case,” he admitted, adding, “This leads me to being comfortable indoors without a mask when the effective case rate is <10/100K/d in my region. This # is based on my own risk tolerance & risk factors.”
  • After citing statistics regarding wastewater, COVID hospitalizations, and UCSF hospitals’ asymptomatic test positivity rate, he offered his plan going forward, including eating outdoors and testing before he and his family arrived for a meal in Palm Springs with friends.
  • Then he segued to “Public transit, theaters, other large gatherings,” writing, “Plan to wear a mask (always a KN95; why not wear a good mask if you’re going to mask?), likely forever. I’m comfortable taking it off briefly to eat on a long flight, but will try to keep it on when I can.”


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