Weekend At Biden’s: President Completely Freezes For Full Minute At Music Event

Biden Immobile At Juneteenth Jive

Republicans mocked President Biden on Monday after he remained virtually motionless for nearly a minute during a lively Juneteenth musical performance at the White House.

The 81-year-old president’s gaze was fixed on the stage as gospel singer Kirk Franklin performed his song “Love Theory” in front of the commander in chief, Vice President Kamala Harris, second gentleman Doug Emhoff and other dignitaries on the South Lawn – all of whom danced along as Biden stood still.

“Lights are on but no one’s home,” the Trump campaign’s war room account posted on X, in response to Biden’s behavior at the Juneteenth celebration.

“Who said Biden’s got no rhythm?” Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) quipped on social media.

In a separate post, the senator fumed that “While America was being invaded, Biden did … whatever he’s doing in this video.”

Biden was flanked by Harris and Philonise Floyd, the brother of the late George Floyd, during the event ahead of next week’s national holiday commemorating the end of slavery.

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