‘What The F*ck Are We Doing?’ Joe Rogan BLASTS People Putting Transgenders In ‘Protected Class’

  • Joe Rogan had some tough words for “woke” folks putting transgender people in a protected class – even after committing horrific crimes – on his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience.
  • “…You can’t even criticize them, even if they’re murderers, even if they’ve brutally raped and murdered their ex-girlfriend, you still have to call them a woman. Even if they were a man at the time, you still have to call them a woman. ‘It’s very rare for a woman to do this.’ Is it? Is it also rare for a woman to have a di*k? What the f*ck are we doing?” Rogan said.
  • A 2022 Daily Mail report found that in the U.K., 42% of transgender prison inmates had been jailed for previous sex crimes.
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