Wisconsin Schools Connect Kids To Site Described As ‘Pedophile’s Paradise’

  • TrevorSpace bills itself as an affirming place for LGBTQ young people. Several Wisconsin school districts encourage their students to check out the site.
  • The Wisconsin Daily Star review of TrevorSpace finds the site allows children and adults (strangers) to communicate directly while encouraging discussions of human sexuality, sexual attraction, and sexual fetishes.
  • One of the most popular subforums on TrevorSpace appears to be “Finding Friends: Connections (Under 18 only).” As of The Daily Star’s review, the subforum had more than 800,000 posts, and millions of views – and it targeted minors. The most popular threads include those titled, “Find People In Your Area,” “Find Someone From Your State,” “Drop a Pic See Who Likes You,” and “Gay Panic?!? Send a picture to see who finds you hot!!”
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