Wisconsin Schools Sued Over Helping Children Sexually ‘Transition’

  • America First Legal (AFL) and Wisconsin Institute of Law and Liberty (WILL) joined forces to file a ground-breaking parental rights lawsuit for Parents Protecting Our Children, UA against Eau Claire Area School District, Wisconsin, its school board members, and its superintendent. AFL and WILL seek to vindicate parents’ sacred and fundamental right to care for and raise their children and to exercise their religious freedom free from the political and ideological agendas of woke school districts and other government entities.
  • The lawsuit, filed in the federal district court in the Western District of Wisconsin, alleges that the Eau Claire Area School District (ECASD) formulated a “Gender Identity Policy” and is carrying out gender identity training with all the District’s schools and teachers, who will, in turn, impose this woke agenda on innocent school children, all while mandating these teachers and schools hide this critical and sensitive gender-related information from parents in violation of the United States and Wisconsin Constitutions and the federal Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment. In so doing, the ECASD violates the rights of parents to parent and guide the welfare of their children and to freely practice their religious beliefs.
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