Woke Angst Over Martha Stewart’s Plastic Surgery, Photo Shopped SI Spread

  • America just can’t stop talking about those Sports Illustrated photos of Martha Stewart and whether she’s had work done.
  • In her new and engaging post, Emily Miller says: So What.
  • She’s seen the media mogul and former model up close and says that for the most part, Stewart is the Real McCoy.
  • She wrote: “Looking younger is a good thing because it almost always signifies good physical health, mobility and an active engagement with life. It is not about conforming to narrow beauty standards but embracing the best of ourselves and celebrating overall well-being. As I said, most doctors would agree that they prefer patients who appear healthy and vibrant, regardless of their age.
  • “When Martha learned that she would become the oldest person ever to grace the cover of “Sports Illustrated,” her response was: “I don’t think about age very much, but I thought that this is kind of historic.”
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