Woke Disney To Layoff 4,000 Employees After Multiple Box-Office Bombs

Disney went woke, now some employees will be going broke!

  • Entertainment giant Disney is set to eliminate up to 4,000 jobs as part of CEO Bob Iger’s $5.5 billion budget cut plan as the company faces repeated box office bombs, billions in losses over its streaming service, and political setbacks due to its radical left-wing policies in Florida.
  • According to reports, executives have tasked managers with identifying which of their employees can be laid off as “redundant and disposable” and have been told to have their lists ready in the next two weeks.
  • The 4,000 layoffs may be just the beginning. In Feb., it was reported that Iger was looking to end up to 7,000 jobs, or more than 3 percent of the workforce.
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