Elon Musk Rapped For Hiring Woke Lefty Twitter CEO From NBC

Musk Said To Pick Equality Advocate Linda Yaccarino

  • Twitter owner Elon Musk is catching heat today for reportedly hiring an equality activist and World Economic Forum big shot to run his social media platform.
  • He has settled on Linda Yaccarino – an advertising executive who has peddled far-left, “woke” ideology, and appears to be entangled with the World Economic Forum – to replace him as CEO of Twitter, or ‘X Corp’ as the company is now known.
  • The WEF-linked activist appears to be committed to the far-left’s vision of diversity, inclusion, and equality, praising initiatives to make news teams “50 per cent women and 50 per cent people of color.”

    As a board member of another WEF-linked organization called The Female Quotient, Yaccarino has pushed initiatives to “foster gender and economic equality” and “racial justice” in partnership with the likes of Google, Instagram, and Twitter’s pre-Musk iteration. She is also a believer in the so-called “gender gap”.

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