Yellen Crony Mary Daly Failed Up, Ducks Responsibility For Silicon Valley Bank Collapse

  • A protege of Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and short-list candidate for Federal Reserve vice chair, San Francisco Fed Chief Mary Daly was supposed to be supervising Silicon Valley Bank but apparently was too busy playing politics and pushing woke agendas to regulate rogue banks like SVB, the second-biggest bank failure on record.
  • Daly had other priorities, including climate change, George Floyd and Black Lives Matter, inequities between blacks and whites, LGBTQ+ rights and a host of other woke social-justice issues that had nothing to do with banking and finance.
  • Daly’s Fed bio gushes she’s committed to “understanding the economic and financial risks of climate change and inequities.” Never mind the more existential threat of banks in her jurisdiction amassing mortgage bonds with longer maturities that exposed investors to greater interest-rate risk.
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