18 Female Jail Guards Fired Over Affairs, Sexual Acts With Inmates

Man on the chair in Handcuffs. Rear view and Closeup ,Men criminal in handcuffs arrested for crimes. With hands in back,boy prison shackle in the jail violence concept.
  • 8 women guards of Britain’s largest male prison either resigned or were fired after sensational allegations uncovered a scandal of illicit affairs with inmates, smuggling and rampant corruption.
  • The guards were in relationships with inmates of the jail and performed sexual acts, had intercourse in the cells and exchanged raunchy photographs with each other.
  • The affairs happened over a span of six years from when it was built in 2017 at the swanky HMP Berwyn jail in North Wales.
  • One guard, Jennifer Gavan, smuggled a phone inside for 150 pounds and then used it to exchange photos with an inmate.