About Off The Press

About Off The Press

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OffThePress.com, led by Editor-in-Chief Joseph Curl is on a mission to bring attention to the news and stories that are overlooked by the mainstream press. Blatant bias in mainstream media has eroded Americans’ confidence in TV and newspaper reporting, creating a dangerous situation where trust in reported facts is compromised, from health and science to policy and elections.

While some propose more fact-checkers and censorship as the solution, at OffThePress.com, we believe in broadening the range of voices and perspectives available to people. We aim to provide an expanded and diverse selection of news sources to combat this ongoing issue.

Joseph Curl has a rich political background, including 30 years of experience covering politics, 12 years as a White House correspondent and columnist. Previously, he served as the editor of the Drudge Report, helped launch and manage Laura Ingraham’s website Lifezette, and worked as an editor and writer for Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire. With a vast range of worldwide experience, including visits to over 100 countries and knowledge gained from all 50 states, Curl’s insights are invaluable.

At OffThePress.com, we strive to reshape the media landscape and ensure that important stories are given the attention they deserve. Join us as we work to inform, engage, and empower the public with a broader range of news sources and perspectives.