A Look Back At Henry Kissinger’s Ties To Latin America, Wish To ‘Smash Castro’

  • Henry Kissinger, a former aide to Presidents Richard M. Nixon and Gerald Ford, passed on Thursday evening at his home in Connecticut at the age 100, according to his consulting firm.
  • Amid his many foreign policy legacies he also had an impact on Latin America and among Hispanics in the United States.
  • Shortly after the Vietnam War in November 1975, after Castro sent Cuba’s troops to support the communist “People’s Movement for the Liberation of Angola” in Africa, Kissinger told Ford the U.S. might have to “smash Castro.”
  • He suggested “clobbering” the Caribbean based Soviet ally with U.S. military power and even drafted contingency plans for second U.S. attack on the communist Castro regime after the failed Bay of Pigs liberation effort attempted launched by President John F. Kennedy in April 1961.