Actor: I’d Get Oscar Nom For Part Of ‘Radical Islamic Pedophile Terrorist’

Conservative actor, director Kevin Sorbo says Hollywood missing huge market of 80 million that wants more positive, family-friendly movies.

  • Sorbo made the claim last week on the “Just the News, Not Noise” livestream news show co-hosted by John Solomon.
  • Sorbo won worldwide fame as a young actor playing Hercules, but today as one of Hollywood’s few openly conservative actors he laments the industry’s cancel culture and its embrace of dark, radical and negative movies.
  • “It’s unfortunate,” he told the “Just the News, Not Noise.” “I always joke that if I played a radical Islamic pedophile terrorist in a movie, I get nominated for an Academy Award. And that’s really a weird world we’re in right now.”
  • As Hollywood has drifted further left and away from many mainstream families, Sorbo has created his own studio committed to positive, family-friendly movies. He said the industry is missing a huge market of 80 million fans by refusing to make more upbeat content.