American Mom After 16-Years As China Expat: ‘I Miss How Communist China Co-Parented My Children!’

This American mom has some interesting ideas about the government's role in child-rearing!

  • American fashion designer Heather Kaye has penned an op-ed in theĀ New York Times about the “culture shock” she faced coming back to the United States after raising her children in Communist China.
  • “Chinese kindergarten lectured us on everything, including how many hours our daughters should sleep, what they should eat and their optimal weight. I learned to appreciate the strong sense of shared values and of people connected as a nation. Parenting, like governing, is an imperfect art,” she wrote in theĀ New York Times.
  • Kaye was driven to take her family and leave China after the country’s draconian “Zero COVID” policy approach which led to deaths, riots, and harsh lockdowns.
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