Anti-Israel Protestors Temporarily Shut Down Chicago’s O’Hare Airport

Anti-Israel protesters have shut down Chicago‘s O’Hare airport as they blocked the highway and forced furious passengers to walk 20 minutes to get to the terminals.

Demonstrators sat in the middle of the Kennedy Expressway, linked to each other with PVC pipes, as flyers fled their taxis and cars and trekked to the gates.

Dramatic footage of the blockade showed dozens chanting ‘Palestine will be free! Free, free Palestine!’ with a loud drum roll in the background.

All lanes on I-90 were blocked between Bessie Coleman Drive and the airport, but according to O’hare International Airport, inbound traffic later resumed.

‘Allow extra time if traveling to the airport this morning,’ the airport said in a post on X at around 8.30am on Monday/

The demonstrators stalled rows of traffic as some drivers were seen sitting on top of their cars. Law enforcement vehicles were present at the scene.