Archbishop Warns WEF Globalists Are Staging Global ‘Coup D’état’

Italian Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò specifically called out George Soros, Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates, saying they pose an 'immense threat to the survival of mankind.'

Italian Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò (screen shot)
  • A top Catholic archbishop has issued a warning about the “immense threat” that globalism and woke ideology pose to the future of civilization.
  • Italian Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, one of the most powerful leaders in the Catholic Church, issued the warning during a speech at the Founding Congress of the International Movement of Russophiles (MIR) this week.
  • During his address, Viganò specifically named radical billionaire George Soros, World Economic Forum (WEF) chairman Klaus Schwab, and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates.
  • Viganò also accuses the WEF and its allies of “electoral fraud of 2020” to block President Donald Trump from being re-elected.