Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner’s Daughter Comes Out As Trans, Shares New Name

Hollywood stars Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s 15-year-old daughter, previously known as Seraphina Rose, came out as trans. They announced their new name, Fin Affleck, at a memorial service for Jennifer’s father.

Sporting a black pantsuit and a buzz-cut hairstyle, Fin presented themselves with their new name before reciting a bible verse to the attendees at Christ Church United Methodist in Charleston, West Virginia, on Saturday, April 6.

In February this year, Fin was photographed with their new short-cropped hair. However, the funeral marked the first occasion where Ben Affleck’s child publicly introduced themselves with their new name.

The memorial service, streamed live on Facebook, was for Jennifer Garner’s father William Jack Garner, who died at 85.

At the prayer service, Fin stepped up to the church lectern and introduced themselves, stating, “Hello, my name is Fin Affleck.”

Meanwhile, Ben Affleck is now married to Jennifer Lopez. For the unversed, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s romance first began in 2002, and their romance reignited in 2021. The two had broken up in 2004 owing to the media attention their relationship had received. After rekindling their romance in 2021, their relationship took off and the two ended up getting married last year in July.

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