Bezos Bunker: Amazon Founder Buys Third Property In Florida’s Wealthy Hideaway

Amazon Inc. founder Jeff Bezos purchased a home for approximately $90 million in Indian Creek Village, Florida — colloquially known as Billionaire Bunker — in an off-market transaction, Bloomberg reported Tuesday.

It would be the third mansion the Washington Post owner has purchased on the man-made barrier island in Biscayne Bay off the Miami coast.

Bezos will live in the newly purchased home, which last sold in 1998 for $2.5 million, while the other two homes he purchased are torn down, according to Bloomberg.

The mansion Bezos purchased is reported to have been owned by Javier Holtz, who is listed as the vice-mayor of the municipality on its website.

Earlier this year Bezos completed the sale of 50 million shares of Amazon that returned about $8.5 billion.

The internet retail tycoon purchased two homes on in Indian Creek Village in 2023.

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