Biden Considers Not Calling Terrorists ‘Terrorists’ If They Stop Shooting Rockets At Ships

Houthi supporters attend a protest against the United States-led airstrikes on Friday, Jan 12, 2024, in Sanaa, Yemen. The U.S. and British militaries bombed more than a dozen sites used by the Iranian-backed Houthis. The military targets included air defense and radar sites, drone and missile storage and launching locations. (AP Photo)

The Biden administration is considering removing a designation label from an Islamic terrorist group in a bid to solve current Middle Eastern conflicts through diplomatic means, Bloomberg reported on Wednesday.

The Houthis, an Iranian-backed and Yemini-based terrorist organization, have launched a series of missile and drone attacks against commercial shipping liners and U.S. and coalition forces in the Red Sea in recent months out of support for Hamas, another terrorist group currently at war with Israel. Though the Houthis are currently listed on the U.S. Specially Designated Global Terrorist (SDGT) list, the Biden administration would consider removing the Houthis from the list if the group halted its attacks in the region, according to Bloomberg.