Biden Plan To Make Federal Vehicle Fleet Electric Still In Low Gear

Biden last year directed the federal government to purchase only U.S.-made, zero-emission passenger cars by 2027 and electric versions of other vehicles by 2035.

  • White House says 2027 timeline on track, but General Services Administration, which buys two-thirds of the 656,000-vehicle federal fleet, reportedly says there are no guarantees.
  • Other one-third of federal fleet is for the Postal Service, which initially face lawsuits for resisting Biden plan,  now says that half of its initial purchase of 50,000 next-generation vehicles will be powered by electricity.
  • Not including the Postal Service, roughly 13% of new light-duty vehicles purchased across the government this year, or about 3,550, were reportedly zero emissions.
  • The purchase number, compares with less than 2% bought in the 2021 budget year and less than 1% in 2020. But the federal numbers are even smaller regarding vehicles on the road, considering many of those purchases in recent months reportedly won’t be delivered for as long as a year as a results of supply chain problems.

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