Biden Regs Aim To Force Americans Out Of Gas-Powered Cars, Into EVs

Photo by: STRF/STAR MAX/IPx 2022 6/5/22 An Electric Vehicle Charging Station is seen on 6/5/22 in New Rochelle, New York.
  • New Biden administration energy regulations will go a long way toward forcing Americans out of gas vehicles and into more expensive electric cars.
  • The EPA projects the proposed regulation would mean that fully electric vehicles make up two thirds of all new “light duty” and 46% of new medium-duty vehicle sales by 2032.
  • “The rules would require an incredibly rapid EV transition that industry, the grid, and consumer demand cannot keep pace with,” U.S. Rep. Pat Fallon, R-Texas, who chairs the subcommittee, said during the hearing. “Further, the critical mineral supply chain is already under stress. Does EPA even know whether there is enough raw material to meet its proposed standards?”