Biden Says Vietnam Motivated Him To Stop Wars, 60 Years After He Dodged The Draft

Joe Biden declared he hopes his legacy is that he reduced the chances of war and said he was motivated to do so ‘because of Vietnam’.

Biden, 81, was first elected to the U.S. Senate in 1972 at the age of 29, when the Vietnam War was raging and hundreds of thousands of Americans were  being conscripted into the military.

He himself never served in the conflict, instead receiving five student deferments and then a disqualification on medical grounds.

The disqualification was for having suffered asthma as a teenager, although he was a student athlete.

Asked about his legacy during an interview with Univision on Wednesday, the President said: ‘Well, I hope the legacy is that I kept my word, that – I said that the reason I was running was to help the life of ordinary people and reduce the prospect of war and…because of Vietnam.’

He went on: ‘The secret you’ve got to ask yourself is, what are you willing to lose over? You figure out what you’re willing to lose over, you’ve got an idea of what you should be doing. And so, I hope my legacy is that I was honest, straightforward, and did what I said.’

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