Bob Saget’s Widow Reflects On First Holiday Without Him

  • “Cherish every single moment,” Rizzo began, adding, “I certainly didn’t think that our first Christmas together (in the same city) last year would be our last.”
  • Rizzo noted that Christmas of 2021 was the first time that Saget had gone with her and her step-daughter Laura to Chicago to celebrate Christmas with her family — and she reflected on the impression he’d made on even the youngest members of her family in such a short time.
  • “I’m so glad we had that special time together. He got to spend time with my niece Alex, who was only 2, and got to meet my niece Brooklyn who was only 2 weeks old,” she said, adding, “Alex still remembers ‘Uncle Bob’ and talks about him every single day. He certainly left a lasting impression that I’m so grateful for. But Bob did that with everyone he met.”