Bold Prediction: ‘President’ Gavin Newsom Just A Question Of When

  • Democratic strategist makes the case for why California Gov. Gavin Newsom is president of the liberal class.
  • Whether in two years or six, it’s past time for both parties to usher in the next generation of presidential candidates.
  • Newsom is also endearing himself to Democratic contributors and uber elites by being a team player: He has repeatedly stated that he will not run in the 2024 primaries against President Biden. Notably, he has not made the same promise about his fellow Californian (and inter-state rival) who happens to serve as Biden’s veep. From a pure hard-ball political perspective, if Newsom began robustly building a national effort while his likely primary opponents serving in the White House, the U.S. Senate, and Biden’s cabinet are frozen in place, he would have an enormous leg up if Biden retires. He should be saluted for remaining on the sidelines. He’s doing solid work imploring Democrats to be more aggressive. He’s the fighter ringside who clearly wants in to begin slugging.
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