Boone & Crockett Club Thinks It Has A New World Record Roosevelt Bull Elk

A Northern California Roosevelt elk, hunted by local man Tim Carpenter, is poised to set a new world record. The Boone and Crockett Club stated the imposing specimen from Humboldt County, harvested in 2023, has entered the record book consideration process.

Tim Carpenter might just solidify his status in the hunting community as the B&C Club anticipates a historical announcement in April 2025. A special judge’s panel is scheduled to grant confirmation to the bull elk’s preliminary score – a staggering 439 7/8 inches – which could dethrone the existing world record.

Rick Bailey, the current record holder with a score of 419 6/8 achieved in 2015 for a British Columbia bull, may soon pass the torch to Carpenter’s impressive harvest. Carpenter, who is also a celebrated wildlife biologist and guide, is renowned for his record-breaking hunts.

Already gracing the Pope & Young Club’s archery world records with a bull scoring 398 1/8 back in 2011, Carpenter might add another accolade to his collection. This would place him at the pinnacle of the Roosevelt elk hunting community with top records in both the archery and overall categories.

Carpenter’s expertise extends beyond his personal achievements. As an experienced guide, he has helped others attain remarkable hunting success. Notably, his guidance led hunter Chris Krampe to the new P&Y world-record velvet Roosevelt elk, scored at 324 2/8 inches, in August 2023.

The months of August and September of 2023 have proven spectacular for the region’s elk hunting records. Carpenter and his client’s world-record achievements underscore Humboldt County’s status as a premium hunting destination, situated along the rugged northern California coast, pushing the boundaries for wildlife game sports.