Brand New $82K Cybertruck Breaks Down Seconds After Pulling Out Of Lot

Elon Musk has touted the Cybertruck as ‘apocalypse-proof,’ but a customer found his newly purchased vehicle could not even make it a mile away from the dealership.

Entrepreneur Thomas Remo shared a video of him picking up the $82,000 EV in Irvine, California, later finding it ‘broke not even six inches off the lot’  and failed another ’30 times’ after on the first day.

Moments after Remo excitedly steps on the gas peddle, the center screen started flashing red and beeping to alert him about a critical steering issue.

The vehicle automatically slowed down to about four miles per hour, forcing him to pull over and return to the dealer.

Remo questioned if the Cybertruck was ‘Tesla‘s biggest lemon yet,’ but his disappoint follows outrage from customers who spent $3,000 on the attachable tent and found it looked nothing like Musk had advertised.

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