ChatGPT Helped Student Cheat In Ethics Course About Artificial Intelligence

  • “If you’re a student who has not prepared for class and you’ve got only five minutes left, then what are you going to do,” said Brian Green, a professor at Santa Clara University who teaches an ethics course to engineering students.  “It’s going to be a big temptation.”
  • For nearly a decade, Green has assigned his students essays as a major component of their final grade.  This semester, however, he is requiring his students to give oral presentations, in-person, instead of allowing them to complete the written assignments at home.
  • “I’m trying to kind of remove the temptation,” said Green, who heads the Technology Ethics program at the university.  “This gets into some very fundamental questions about what the educational system does and how it operates and how it should function in society.”
  • Green’s concerns aren’t hypothetical.  He believes one of his students used ChatGPT to produce an essay that he then attempted to pass off as his own in class – essentially using artificial intelligence to cheat in Green’s course on ‘Ethics in Artificial Intelligence.’