China Smuggling Something Even Deadlier Than Fentanyl Into America

China has a new illicit export designed to kill, and it’s coming to a neighborhood near you.

Nitazene is the newest synthetic opioid to reach America from the hostile communist country as part of China’s not-so-secret war against the United States. Roughly 10 to 40 times more lethal than fentanyl—already one of the deadliest narcotics on our streets—nitazene has ratcheted up the drug crisis devastating families across Joe Biden’s borderless nation, particularly in Virginia and North Carolina.

Like fentanyl, nitazene has been around since the 1950s—though it was never approved for medical use—but only recently appeared on U.S. streets as a pill or powder called “ISO,” which users mix in with heroin or morphine to amplify their “high.” But considering just a few grams are enough to kill, users frequently overdose, often without realizing they’re ingesting fentanyl or nitazene.

Though nitazene consumption is still low compared to fentanyl, nitazene-related deaths jumped fourfold between 2019 and 2021. Scarier still, few state health departments have begun testing for nitazenes in narcotics seized by law enforcement—which means no one really knows just prevalent they’re becoming.