China’s ‘Once In A Century’ Floods Leaves 127 Million On Alert

Some 127million people in China are on alert after deadly ‘once in a century’ floods killed at least four people and forced tens of thousands to evacuate their homes.

Violent storms have battered southern China since Thursday, state media said today, with 11 people missing amid the torrential downpours that have submerged cities, swept away cars and lashed a region dubbed the ‘factory floor of the world’.

Heavy rain has descended upon the vast southern province of Guangdong in recent days, swelling rivers by up to seven metres and raising fears of severe flooding that local media said could be of the sort only ‘seen around once a century’.

‘Three deaths were reported in Zhaoqing City while the remaining one is a rescuer in Shaoguan City,’ state news agency Xinhua reported, citing local authorities.

Ten others remain missing as search and rescue efforts in the area continue to be carried out, Xinhua added.

China is no stranger to extreme weather but recent years have seen the country hit by severe floods, grinding droughts and record heat.

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