Chinese Students Running Distribution For Cartels: Ex-DEA Official

  • Former Drug Enforcement Agency Special Operations Director Derek Maltz Sr. on Friday outlined the involvement of Chinese college students entering the U.S. on student visas in distributing drugs on behalf of various cartels.
  • Speaking on the “Just the News, No Noise” television show, Maltz highlighted the severity of the crisis, lamenting that “kids are dying left and right.”
  • “Here’s the deal right now, not only the cartels facilitating the distribution of the poison by providing the chemicals, what they’re doing is they have the young Chinese students here in America that are meeting with cartels around the country picking up suitcases of cash,” Maltz asserted. “The cash is getting turned over to Chinese businessmen in America. They’re gambling with this money. But most importantly, they’re buying real estate… all over our country.”