Climate Activists Throw Soup At Mona Lisa In Paris’ Louvre Museum

In this grab taken from video, activists gesture after throwing soup at the glass protecting the Mona Lisa, at the Louvre Museum, in Paris, Sunday. Jan. 28, 2024, shouting slogans advocating for a sustainable food system. It comes as French farmers have been protesting for days across the country against several issues, including low wages. (AP Photo/Clement Lanot)

Climate activists on Sunday threw soup at the glass protecting the Mona Lisa at the Louvre Museum in Paris.

The women, who had the words “FOOD RIPOSTE” written on their t-shirts, were protesting for a sustainable food system amidst ongoing demonstrations by French farmers over a variety of grievances, including low wages.

A video posted on social media showed the two women passing under a security barrier and getting closer to the painting before hurling soup at the glass protecting Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece. While doing so, they shouted slogans advocating for a healthy and sustainable food system.

The incident occurred in the midst of the French farmers’ protests, which had caused disruptions across the country. The farmers had been demonstrating against government policies that they argue are harming their livelihoods, such as rising fuel taxes and the liberalization of trade agreements.

The Louvre Museum confirmed the incident and announced that the painting had not been damaged. A spokesperson for the museum stated that security measures were in place to prevent any harm to the painting.

The climate activists’ protest did not receive support from all quarters, as some criticized their methods as being too extreme and disrespectful to the iconic painting. Others, however, praised the women’s cause and drew attention to the important issues that they were highlighting.