Colorado Abortion Access Amendment Has Enough Signatures To Make 2024 Election Ballot

The Coloradans for Protecting Reproductive Freedom coalition, which is working to get a constitutional amendment on the state’s ballot that would enshrine abortion access, said Friday that it has collected over 225,000 signatures, passing the 124,238 signature threshold to make it onto the ballot.

The group said it is still working to get enough signatures in all 35 state Senate districts as required by Colorado’s secretary of state, but said it has only three state Senate districts remaining to meet that threshold.

The announcement comes just days after the Arizona Supreme Court upheld an 1864 law in the state banning nearly all abortions.

“The news of Arizona’s near-total abortion ban ultimately exposed just how vulnerable every state is, and will remain, without passing legislation that constitutionally secures the right to abortion,” campaign manager Jessica Grennan said in a statement released by the coalition.

CBS News first reported the milestone, which the coalition confirmed to ABC News.

In Colorado, ballot initiatives need to get 124,238 signatures to get on the ballot, and proposed constitutional amendments also need to “be signed by at least 2% of the total registered electors in each of the 35 Colorado state senate districts,” according to the office of the Colorado Secretary of State.

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