Comedian John Oliver Offers Clarence Thomas $1M Per Year To Resign From Supreme Courts

FILE - Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas delivers a keynote speech during a dedication of Georgia new Nathan Deal Judicial Center in Atlanta, Feb. 11, 2020. Reports that the wife of Thomas implored Donald Trump’s White House chief of staff to act to overturn the 2020 election results has put a spotlight on how justices decide whether to step aside from a case. (AP Photo/John Amis, File)

Comedian and “Last Week Tonight” host John Oliver is urging Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas to resign, offering him $1 million annually to do so. Oliver criticized the conservative justice during the 11th season premiere of his weekly show Sunday, asserting that Thomas had significantly worsened the lives of Americans. He pledged a new luxury recreational vehicle as an incentive for Thomas to step down from the high court.

“Lot on your plate right now. From stripping away women’s rights to hearing Jan. 6 cases, you definitely shouldn’t be hearing two potentially helping rollback decades of federal regulations,” Oliver remarked.

“So that’s the offer. $1 million a year, Clarence. And a brand new condo on wheels. And all you have to do in return is sign the contract and get the f‑‑‑ off the Supreme Court,” Oliver added. “Talk it over with your totally best friend in the whole world. Because the clock starts now. Thirty days, Clarence … Let’s do this!”

The comedian’s segment was initially highlighted by Mediaite.

Thomas has faced scrutiny from media outlets and ethics watchdogs in recent months following reports by ProPublica that he had failed to disclose luxury trips and other benefits received from conservative billionaire Harlan Crow.

“I think you’re thinking, what would my friend say if I take this offer? Will they judge me as they sit in their boardrooms and mega yachts and Hitler shrines? Will they still treat me to luxury vacations and sing songs about me off their phones?” Oliver said. “Well, that’s the beauty of friendship, Clarence. If they’re real friends, they’ll love you no matter what your job is. So I guess this might be the perfect way to find out who your real friends actually are.”