Denver City Workers Caught Begging Illegal Immigrants To Leave City

FILE - Migrants wait to be processed by the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol after they crossed the Rio Grande and entered the U.S. from Mexico, Oct. 19, 2023, in Eagle Pass, Texas. A recent decline in arrests for illegal crossings on the U.S. border with Mexico may prove only temporary. The drop in January reflects how numbers ebb and flow, and the reason usually goes beyond any single factor. (AP Photo/Eric Gay, FILE)

A Denver city official appeared to beg migrants to leave the sanctuary city that’s been burdened with illegal immigrants in a leaked viral video.

In a video obtained by 9NEWS, city official Andres Carrera, Denver’s Newcomer Communications Liaison, tells a group of migrants that the city’s shelters can no longer help them, and they must go to other sanctuary cities or they “will suffer.”

“The opportunities are over,” Carrera reportedly tells the group in Spanish. “New York gives you more. Chicago gives you more. So I suggest you go there where there is longer-term shelter. There are also more job opportunities there.”

“We are not going to block you if you want to say here,” he continues. “If you stay here you are going to suffer even more and I don’t want to see this.”

While the city official suggested New York, Chicago or Miami as destinations with more resources, he offered to transport them to any city they wished in the United States.

“You don’t have to walk anywhere, we can buy you a free ticket,” Carrera added. “You can go to any city. We can take you up to the Canadian border, wherever!”

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