Rep. Mo Brooks Blasts Colleagues As ‘Completely Ignorant On Economics’

  • Outgoing Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.) told Accuracy in Media in an interview that politicians in Washington, D.C., are both willfully blind to the effects their policies have on inflation and completely ignorant of economics, leading to corrupt political practices that see Washington always selling out to the highest bidder, which is often the Chinese Communist Party.
  • This year, the combination of willful blindness and ignorance has created one of the greatest inflationary surges since the end of World War II, with an annual inflation rate reaching nearly double digits.  
  • AIM President Adam Guillette asked members of Congress earlier this year what causes inflation, and few were able to give him an answer. Brooks had the most thorough answer of the members we spoke to, so we reached out to him to speak further on the issue.
  • “There is no way to know for sure why Washington so badly interferes with and mismanages the American economy,” Brooks told AIM. “It’s either total economic ignorance or a desire to subvert our economy when there is political gain to be had.”