Diplomat-Turned-Spy Says Ivy League Radicalized Him

A former US ambassador who pleaded guilty to spying for Cuba says he was radicalized while studying at Yale university.

Victor Manuel Rocha, 73, was arrested in December in Miami and accused of gathering intelligence for the rogue communist state since 1981.

His activities came to light after an undercover sting operation where he detailed his clandestine activities for Havana and praised Fidel Castro.

While being sentenced on Friday to 15 years behind bars, Rocha told the court that it was his time at Yale University that radicalized him into becoming a spy.

In a statement, Rocha said: “During my formative years in college, I was heavily influenced by the radical politics of the day.”

“My deep commitment at that time to radical social change in the region led me to the eventual betrayal of my oath of loyalty to the United States during my two decades in the State Department.

“Today I no longer see the world through the radical eyes of my youth. My long and successful transition to the private sector culminated in my becoming a top international executive in the mining sector for well over a decade.

‘The latter, however, cannot erase the damage done during my earlier career working for the government.”

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