Disgraced Actor Thanks Italians For Having ‘The Balls’ To Honor Him

  • Just days after pleading “not guilty” to seven more sex charges in the U.K. on Jan. 13, actor Kevin Spacey was honored with a lifetime achievement award from Italy’s National Museum of Cinema in the city of Turin on Monday.
  • The museum’s President Enzo Ghigo and Undersecretary to the Italian Ministry of Culture Vittorio Sgarbi presented the actor with the award.
  • “Tonight we’re witnessing Kevin Spacey’s comeback. The one living through cinema is an immortal man, and it is precisely him that we are awarding this prize to tonight,” Sgarbia said.
  • The ceremony was Spacey’s first public event in five years since the sexual assault charges were brought against him. The actor thanked the museum for having “the courage, the balls, to invite me,” the Hollywood Reporter said.