Haley Mum On Possible White House Bid, 2024 Success Hinges On Midterms

As recently as last mont, the former South Carolina governor, U.S. ambassador to United Nations has hinted at potential 2024 White House bid.

  • Haley wasn’t specific about predication on how Republicans failing to win House and/or Senate would dash their 2024 White House bid.
  • “If we don’t win in 2022, there won’t be a 2024,” she told Fox News Sunday about the connection.
  • Haley has said she won’t seek 2024 GOP presidential nomination if Trump runs, but appears to leave door open
  • “We need to stay humble, disciplined, and win [midterms], and then if there’s a place for me, I’ve never lost a race, I’m not going to start now,” she said.