East Palestine Is Still Suffering

  • “Last night cohosting my absolutely favorite US SENATOR SHERROD BROWN, his beyond incredible brilliant wife novelist and Pulitzer Prize winning journalist @schultz_connie and amazing kick a** SENATOR TAMMY BALDWIN the first LGBTQ person elected to the US Senate @tammybaldwinwi !!” Goldman captioned the photo.
  • “If you know me you know I have been a big fan of Sherrod’s for years !! Sherrod is a progressive champion who wins in a tough state like Ohio because Ohioans know he fights for them in the workplace. His Dignity of Work message enables him to reach those Trump voters even though he has been pro-choice his whole career, gets an F from the NRA and has been for marriage equality since he voted against DOMA in the 90’s!”
  • she continued, adding, “SHERROD is up for a tight re/election campaign 2024 but he can do it in a red Ohio! I love Sherrod !! We need Ohio to keep the Senate Blue !!THE SENATE NEEDS SHERROD BROWN!! WE ALLL NEED SHERROD NOW MORE THAN BEFORE !!!”
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