Elon Musk Confirms He Used Burner Account On X To Role-Play As Toddler Son

Billionaire Elon Musk confirmed in a recent deposition that he used a burner account on X, formerly Twitter, to seemingly role-play as his toddler son.

Musk confirmed that the account, @ErmnMusk, was his in a March 27 deposition for a defamation lawsuit against him. Musk is being sued for falsely suggesting a 22-year-old Jewish man was linked to a neo-Nazi brawl in Oregon last year. The plaintiff, Ben Brody, wasn’t even in the same state when the brawl occurred.

The deposition, made public Monday and first obtained by HuffPost, finally confirmed what many internet sleuths had suspected — an account on X role-playing as Musk’s toddler son was Musk himself.

Although the account is not mentioned by name in the deposition transcript, Monday’s court filing contained an exhibit of the @ErmnMusk account that was shown to Musk during his testimony.

Asked about the account during the deposition by attorney Mark Bankston, who is representing Brody, Musk confirmed it was his but dismissed it as a “test account.”

“No, I would not use this account,” Musk testified. “It was just used for — for testing.”

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