Faith-Based Series ‘The Chosen’ Hits #3 At Box Office

  • “For the second year in a row, “The Chosen” is capturing the imagination of moviegoers around the country. After the overwhelming response of “Chosen” fans–and now “Wingfeather Saga” fans at a packed theatrical event in Nashville last week–we’re seeing that the same audiences who have helped us break streaming records can have similar impact at the box office,” said Neal Harmon, CEO of Angel Studios, told The Daily Wire.
  • “And, in addition to the estimated $3.7 million Friday, based on last year’s “Chosen” special, we expect “The Chosen Season 3″ Sunday sales to exceed Saturday’s, partially driven by a strong showing anticipated on Sunday night,” he added.
  • Angel Studios also posted to Twitter to celebrate the strong opening weekend performance of “The Chosen.”