First Gay Australian Olympian Bobsledder Dies Suddenly At 35

Yet another young, healthy person has died suddenly!

  • Australian Olympian Simon Dunn – the first openly gay Bobsled Olympian in Australia’s history – has died at the age 35.
  • “Dunn’s body was reportedly found at his home in Sydney on Saturday. Police do not feel the death is suspicious and are going on the assumption that there is a medical reason for the passing,” reports Yahoo Sports.
  • “Dunn rose to fame in 2014 when he became the first openly gay member of the country’s Olympic bobsledding team. After retiring from the team in 2016, Dunn played for an all-gay rugby team, engaged in media appearances, and explored acting,” reported Breitbart.
  • No official statement or cause of death has been given by Dunn’s family.