First She ID’d As Black, Now Ex-NAACP Chief Is Teacher And OnlyFans Pornster

In a career path marked by controversy, Rachel Dolezal, who has since adopted the name Nkechi Diallo, has recently been discovered to have taken up employment as an after-school instructor at Sunrise Drive Elementary School in Arizona. Reports confirmed through payroll records indicate that Diallo, amidst diversifying her income streams, earns an hourly wage of $19 in this role.

In parallel to her educational responsibilities, Diallo has also ventured into the digital realm as a model on the subscription-based adult content platform, OnlyFans. Launched in September 2021, her account, which is priced at $9.99 per month, surprisingly offers a mix of content ranging from ‘foot photos’ and hair tutorials to fitness routines. This move underscores a broader trend of individuals leveraging online platforms to expand their earning potential.

Besides her endeavors on OnlyFans, Diallo has previously explored other avenues of income, including the sale of homemade lollipops, Melanin Spectrum dolls, and even a $1,000 sculpture of an electric chair. These initiatives speak to her efforts to sustain herself financially in the wake of the backlash she has faced.

Social media posts by Sunrise Drive Elementary School inadvertently revealed Diallo’s association with the institution, placing her once more in the public eye. This role comes after a tumultuous period in her career, marked notably by her resignation from significant positions in academia and civil rights advocacy due to a scandal surrounding her racial identity.

Diallo, who famously spent over a decade identifying as a Black woman, held significant roles including the chapter president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), and a lecturer in Africana studies at Eastern Washington University. Her tenure in these positions ended abruptly in 2015 when it was disclosed that she was born to white parents, leading to widespread public and professional repercussions.

Addressing her current circumstances in 2021, Diallo reflected on the necessity of diversifying her sources of income through various ‘side hustles.’ The controversy surrounding her racial identity has, by her account, significantly hindered her opportunities for traditional employment, driving her pursuit of alternative avenues to support herself.